Even after all these years, Dragon Warriors is the role-playing system to which I tend to compare new systems and games that I play. And if I notice something in another role-playing system that I like, my first thought then is always how I can introduce this to Dragon Warriors.

There are many reasons for Dragon Warriors' enduring appeal, including the unique atmosphere of the setting, the simple and elegant mechanics, and a charm that comes from flying in the face of a growing trend for games to pander to that community of politically correct meta-gamers.

So if Dragon Warriors is perfect, why this site? As much as I love Dragon Warriors, it is a product of its time and outside influences and just as I imagine most other long-term players of Dragon Warriors have had a go at 'fixing' the system, I am no different! It can be all too easy to start by tweaking a little bit here and a little bit there and, before you know it, you're playing Warhammer or (worse) AD&D, or some equivalent. What I have always kept in the back of my mind as I have put my own version of Dragon Warriors together is preserving what I love about Dragon Warriors.

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