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(Max Rank = 15)
(Random Rank = 99)
(Non-Adventurer = 0)


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The Dragon Warriors character generator takes away the hard work of creating a basic NPC - filling in the stats and skills of any official adventuring profession of the three adventuring races of any rank up to 15th. It is a very thorough application, taking into account all the rules and restrictions of a generated profession so you can use the NPC generated by this application with confidence. Selecting a zero-rank character will result in the Profession being ignored.

  • All characteristic scores are generated using 3d6
    • Assassins have a minimum Reflexes score of 12 and minimum Intelligence and Psychic Talent scores of 9
    • Mystics have a minimum Psychic Talent score of 9
    • Mystic Adepts have Reflexes and Psychic Talent scores of 18
    • Warlocks have a minimum Intelligence score of 11 and a minimum Psychic Talent score of 9
    • Demonologists and Sorcerers have minimum Intelligence and Psychic Talent scores of 9
    • Friars have a minimum Psychic Talent score of 9
    • Thanes have minimum Strength and Reflexes scores of 12
    • Knaves have minimum Looks and Intelligence scores of 9
    • Hunters have minimum Intelligence and Reflexes scores of 9
    • Priests have minimum Looks and Intelligence scores of 9
    • Elves have a maximum Strength score of 13
    • Elves have minimum Reflexes, Psychic Talent and Looks scores of 12
    • Dwarves have a minimum Strength score of 12
    • Dwarves have maximum Psychic Talent and Looks scores of 11
  • All Sorcerers and Demonologists are left-handed, otherwise there is only a 10% of a character being left handed
  • Demonologist backgrounds are generated as if they were Sorcerers
  • Knights may specialise in more than one weapon, but never the same weapon twice
  • Mystics have a cumulative 5% chance per level above 7th of becoming an Adept
  • Elementalists have an equal chance of specialising in any of the five elements.
  • Assassins have a 20% chance of substituting a Combat Technique for a Skill, but will not substitute a Mental Technique for a skill
  • Warlocks can have the Unarmed Combat skill even if they do not currently specialise in Weapon Group VIII - my reasoning for this is that the Warlock could have in the past, or could in the future, specialise in it.
  • Warlocks have no continuity of skill selection. For example, having the Minor Enchantment skill makes it no more likely that he will progress to the next stage of that skill than he would pick any other skill.
  • Friars that have the Folk Remedy skill have already had their Magical Defence bonus applied to their Magical Defence score
  • Friars that have the Vigil skill have already had their Health Point bonus applied to their Health Points score
  • A Hunter's Favourite Weapon and Bowyer & Fletcher skills will always be for the same weapon
  • Priests will only know Bacchile or Opalarian with their Ancient Script skill
  • The generator will not pick knowledge areas for the Priest's Breadth of Knowledge skill
  • Wealth and equipment is generated from the Cadaver Draconis Appendix. For Ordo Draconis professions not included in this appendix:
    • Thanes have equipment equivalent to Knights
    • Friars have equipment equivalent to Priests
  • Elves can only be Knights, Elementalists, Mystics, Sorcerers, Warlocks or Demonologists. Selecting other professions will result in the elf being a Sorcerer
  • Regardless of profession, Elves use the Stealth and Perception scores of Assassins
  • All Elves have the Premonition and ESP abilities of Mystics
  • Dwarves can only be Knights or Barbarians. Selecting other professions will result in the dwarf being a Knight
  • With the exception of the Assassin's Pick Lock skill, any ability with a percentage chance for success always has a minimum 5% chance of failure
  • Characters will be allocated a random amount of Experience Points that puts them at the correct rank rather than having the minimum number of Experience Points for that rank
  • Starting age for a rank 1 Human is 16+1d6, for an Elf is 64+4d6 and, for a Dwarf, is 32+2d6
  • In calculating age for higher-ranked characters, the generator randomly determines that it takes between 1 and 3 years to increase in rank
  • The rulebook only details advancement up to Rank 12. Unless otherwise noted in a canon source, this generator adds +1 to Evasion, Perception and Stealth and Rank 13.
  • Entering a rank of 0 will generate a non-adventuring professional NPC of the chosen race using basic stats taken from the Bestiary, as modified for exceptional primary characteristic scores.
  • Requesting a specific profession with a random race may result in a race being generated that does not support that profession, in which case the default profession for that race will be used (sorcerer for elves, knight for dwarves).

Please let me know if you feel these premises reduce the value of this application and what your preferred approach would be. And, of course, whilst this generator might come up with the numbers and abilities, the GM must still come up with the personality, motivations and reactions to the PCs!

Lastly, if you notice any bugs or typos or would like me to consider adding additional\alternative functionality to this generator, please let me know.