The Cobwebbed Forest

Play Crown & Anchor

You enter the Crown & Anchor Inn with a mere handful of Florins in your pocket, determined to turn it enough to pay for your passage to more civilised lands. You spy a group playing Crown & Anchor, the inn's signature game. Pulling up a chair, you join the game...

You currently have 15 Florins.

Anchor Club Diamond Spade Heart Crown

Crown & Anchor Rules

Crown & Anchor is a simple gambling game played with three special six-sided dice, labelled with the four playing-card suit symbols, a crown, and an achor.

You bet on which of the symbols will come up when the dice are thrown by placing your Florins on the corresponding symbols on the table.

If you roll one of the symbols, you get your stake back. Roll two symbols, you get double your stake and if you roll all three symbols, triple your stake. If none of the dice show the symbol on which you have bet, you lose your stake.

You may bet on more than one symbol and the most you can bet on each symbol is 99 florins.

One last thing, don't bet more chips than you have the Florins to back - doing so will get your money confescated and you kicked unceremoniously into the street.