The Cobwebbed Forest

Are You Leaving the Cobwebbed Forest?

In addition to the great Dragon Warriors resources linked to in the quick-bar down the right margin of every page in the Forest, there is a wealth of further exploring for the brave adventurer interested in the Dragon Warriors RPG.

Auspicious Dragon Warriors Sites

  1. Dave Morris's Blog

    A blog that covers the broad range of Dave Morris's creative excellence, including Dragon Warriors and Blood Sword.
  2. Jewelspider

    Dave Morris's latest RPG project, which promises a whole new set of mechanics and lore compatible with the essence of Legend.
  3. YouTube

    Grim Jim's Dragon Warriors Playthrough

    An almost-complete play-through of all of the official Dragon Warriors Adventures

Honourable Dragon Warriors Sites

The Great Library of Hiabuor

A long-time fan of, and contributor to, the Dragon Warriors RPG, Shaun Hately's own site containing a wealth of original Dragon Warriors material.

Wayne Imlach's Dragon Warriors Archive

A collection of house rules for the Dragon Warriors RPG.

The Malgash

There are such interesting nuggets on here as house rules for spell manipulation and converting the DragonLance setting to Dragon Warriors.

Gary Johnson's Fantasy RPG Page

This site hosts a set of Modified Dragon Warriors Rules, which are worth checking out.

Ars Mysteriorum's RPG Sanctuary

A few interesting downloads on this site that inspired my own series of professional reference guides.

The Wanderer's Rest

More expanded rules for Dragon Warriors, including a skill system, a Priest profession, and using elves and dwarves as player characters.

The Witcher in Dragon Warriors

The Witcher profession converted to the Dragon Warriors RPG.

Little Odo's Dragon Warriors Campaign Blog

There are lots of parts to this, so get comfy if you want to read them all!

Traveller's Journey through the Dragon Warriors RPG

A great and slightly irreverent journey through each of the orignal six Dragon Warriors RPG books.

Farsight Blogger's Dragon Warriors Archive

A collection of articles on the Farsight Blog - reviews, interviews, and opinions on the Dragon Warriors RPG.
  1. Manticon 2018

    Manticon 2018

    Two panel videos by Dave Morris, Jamie Thomson, and Paul Mason recorded at Manticon 2018.
  2. YouTube

    More YouTube Adventures

    A handful of Dragon Warriors adventures, broadcast through the magic of YouTube.