The Cobwebbed Forest

Test Yourself in the Dark Labyrinth

Set Difficulty
See Note for Intelligence
(Intelligence between 3 and 18)

See Note for Fugue

See Note for Perfect Maze

A small gazebo has been pitched around a gold-framed mirror, wound with lacquered human hair. Reflected in the mirror's glassy surface is both your image and the faint outline of a sprawling labyrinth. You feel drawn towards the mirror and reach out tentatively to touch the surface, but instead of feeling hard glass, it yields like the surface of a pool of oil. Are you brave enough to walk through the mirror?


With this simple game, you can generate a labyrinth to explore, either just for fun or to keep a player busy that has become trapped within the Dark Labyrinth as part of a Dragon Warriors game.

Intelligence of Hero

The higher the intelligence of the hero, the easier the labyrinth is to solve, represented in this game by reducing the dimensions of the labyrinth. The player of an Intelligence 3 character must solve a maze 29 squares on each axis, whereas a player of an Intelligence 18 character must solve a labyrinth of only 13 squares on each axis. If you're just playing for fun, start with a high Intelligence score (i.e., a small maze) to get a feel for the game before challenging yourself with a larger maze.


Ordinarily, as you explore the maze, you will remember the route you have previously explored. However, for the ultimate challenge, you can explore the maze in a fugue, which will mean you will only ever be able to see your immediate environs within the labyrinth.

(Im)perfect Mazes

A perfect maze is one that has only one valid route from entrance to exit. By contrast, an imperfect maze has multiple possible routes (and tends to be slightly easier to solve). Note that even without selecting the option to generate a perfect maze, the game might still randomly generate a perfect maze - you are not guaranteed to get an imperfect one, such is the random nature of the algorithms I've used to generate them.