The Cobwebbed Forest

Dragon Warriors Hellions



Hellions are vile denizens of the Realms of Blasphemy, constantly searching for weaknesses in the hearts of men and the boundaries with the Lands of Legend in order to slip across to spread chaos and destruction.

Hellions can represent the scheming evil that plots in the darkest underworlds, the bound and resentful servants of a powerful sorcerer, or the gibbering unthinking monster bent on destruction.

But whatever role they play in your game, they are all unique representations of the chaos they seek to spread - making them ideal as formidable nemeses for the heroic PCs to overcome at the crescendo of a well-wrought campaign!

The hellions generated in this application deviate slightly from the tables in the Bestiary. For example, some of the tables have been split to create more variety (for example, rolling a Magical Attack of 2d8+6 does not necessarily mean that Magical Defence will be 2d4). I have also assumed that spellcasting ability indicates the number of Magic Points available to a hellion.

If Hellions float your boat, note that I have published a convenient downloadable guide to generating hellions, too.