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Sorcerers and sages can be a bookish lot and many adventuring groups may find themselves picking through the dusty libraries of these ancient lore-keepers only to ask the GM about the books themselves. Whilst many of the books may be dry accounts, diaries, almanacs, inventories, and other incidental miscellanea, the GM may want to excite their players with tomes of sage lore and immerse the players further in the game world. Lastly, remember that to a canny player, knowledge is as much a reward as the shiny baubles found hidden in the underworld.

Books of spells, alchemical formulae, and item-creation methods and recipes are not included in this generator. It can be assumed that a sorcerer will have sufficient books written in the arcane script within his library required to practise his art. The books produced by this generator are all non-magical tomes, although their topics may still include discussions on the sorcerous and the mystical.

GMs should remember that not all knowledge is kept in a convenient 'book' form - some books will be massive, some little more than a loosely bound wallet stuffed with pages, some others will be etched into plates or bundled like scrolls. Even a single 'book' could take up an entire shelf of a sage's study!

GMs should also be encouraged to use this generator as a tool for providing hooks into new adventures - for example, who is the Vampire Sage-Lord who has penned this scroll? Who can translate a particularly interesting-looking book for them and what will their price be? If the players find a second or third book on a topic, where are the others in the series and what might the complete collection be worth? Maybe a book on geography, culture, or history might encourage your players to want to travel there to explore? And some key NPCs from throughout the Dragon Warriors published materials have had their biographies published within some of these libraries, which can be used to introduce them to their own particular plots and intrigues.

It is difficult (if not impossible) to script a simple engine to construct a broad range of grammatically correct titles and certainly beyond my limited programming skills, so please feel free to edit the titles generated to fit your campaign and linguistic sensibilities.