The Cobwebbed Forest

Dragon Warriors Treasures

Define Cache


This application will generate a cache of treasure based on the categories on page 131 in the main rulebook.

Underworld Treasures

Whilst the main purpose of this application will probably be to generate treasure for the various monstrous enemies the characters will need to defeat in the course of their adventures, it could also be used to seed an underworld with treasure.

For example, when designing a lost temple, the GM decides that the temple will hold Bountiful treasure - using this generator, the GM immediately knows the total treasure the characters could find and starts distributing the generated treasure across the various rooms and encounters the characters must face.

A Little Note About Gems

Some gaming groups are happy to receive a haul of gems as a number of gems worth some number of florins. However, as a little flavour can sometimes go a long way, this application generates individual gemstones on a sliding scale of size, type, and quality.

Larger gems are worth more in the following order: tiny, very small, small, unremarkable, large, very large, huge, enormous. Similarly, quality increases in the following order: terrible, poor, low, average, superior, exceptional, breathtaking, unmatched. There are 30 types of gemstone with their own value ranges just to make sure there is plenty of variety in each haul!