The Cobwebbed Forest

The Cobwebbed Dragon's Campaign

Most people that play the Dragon Warriors RPG probably do so a little differently from each another - whether that takes the form of a few house rules here, a homebrew locale there, or perhaps a slightler higher- or lower-fantasy Lands of Legend than that which is published in the canon books. So it is likely that the adventures I have run in my campaign will not be suitable for anyone else's, any more than I play published adventures as-written.

However, I have written them up, so why not share them? And maybe something in them will interest or inspire your own games.

Note that where an adventure I have written up is based on a published adventure, it will be password protected with a word known only by someone that owns the original. Please respect the copyright owner's intellectual property and do not distribute this content further.

  1. Under the Rocks

    My new gaming group was new to Dragon Warriors, so I wanted a really simple adventure to introduce them to the game - not too much peril, a few simple interactions, skill tests, and a combat, etc. And an adventure that would set the low-fantasy tone for which I was aiming. This RPG-Day adventure, originally written by James Wallis, was a perfect fit and needed very little tinkering to make it work with my version of Legend and how I play Dragon Warriors.

    Password: The name of the saint (just the name, don't prefix it with "Saint" and don't forget the initial capital letter) referenced in the original adventure introduction.

  2. King under the Forest

    For me, King under the Forest is the first adventure of which I think when I think about Dragon Warriors: the eponymous Dragon Warriors dungeon adventure. How could I not put my new players through it?

    Password: The name of the dragon in the original adventure (with an initial capital letter).

  3. Miller's Tale

    For a change of pace from the King under the Forest, an investigative adventure to challenge the characters' minds more than their sword arms. The published adventure made an adequate starting point but (for me) lacked the number of clues and NPCs an adventure like this requires, so I fleshed out a few more NPCs, locales, and clues into something a little meatier.

    Password: The name of the main antagonist (with an initial capital letter).

  4. Mountain of the Gods

    An expansion of the DW Wiki adventure of the same name by Damian May, itself based on the Runequest adventure Lost Child by Peter Maranci. After the events of Miller's Tale, I wanted to keep my PCs away from civilisation for a while!
  5. Shadow on the Mist

  6. Legacy of Borek

    This adventure is probably a bit too custom-written for my adventuring group to be of broad interest to other Dragon Warriors GMs except as idle inspiration for encounters or scenes within their own games. However, seeing as I've gone to the trouble of writing it up, I might as well make it available here — the completionist in me wouldn't want there to be a gap in the campaign record, either.
  7. Beast of Black Ruin