The Cobwebbed Forest

Dragon Warriors RPG Essays

The many splendours of the Dragon Warriors RPG are richly detailed across its many published works. And, within this majesty of prose, are many gems worthy of a little polish, or perhaps a hidden trinket worth bringing into the light.

  1. Grappling with the Bestiary

    The Bestiary contains a number of beasts that grapple or subdue, and the rules for these attacks are just as applicable to (N)PCs as they are to the creatures they will fight.
  2. Charging Beasts

    Charging into combat is not the pure province of bulls and minotaurs - might rules for them inspire rules that could apply to mounted knights, enraged barbarians, or anyone looking to rush their enemy.
  3. Adventurers of Legend

    With how many adventurers do the intrepid player characters have to compete for those eldritch treasures lying hidden in the bowels of the underworld? Or perhaps you need a fourth-rank mystic - what is the likelihood of finding one? This essay crunches the numbers, so you don't have to.
  4. Spellcasting: Magic Points vs. Psychic Fatigue

    How do mystics, with their uncertainty around their daily spell limits, compare to sorcerers (and other magic-point-using magicians) in their daily spellcasting? A sprinkling of probabilities reveals the answer.
  5. Aimed Attacks

    The Bestiary and the Players' Guide hint at rules for aiming attacks to specific effect, but these rules can be generalised, which I explore in this essay.
  6. Nets & Whips

    There are many weapons, traditional and exotic, with which to strike at enemies, but Dragon Warriors also has rules for some less mundane instruments of combat. This essay brings nets and whips into mainstream gameplay.